About Natural Movement Centre

What is NMC?  

Natural Movement Centre is a private company that supports the right of every Body:Human to create the life he would choose to experience and embody, and to do so in his own timing and through his own creative desire and design. Natural Movement Centre encourages the development of this creativity through integrated physical movement programs, seminars, articles, books, instructional exercise videos, lectures and workshops, and motivational speaking. Using a holistic life-skills approach, Natural Movement Centre integrates healing arts, martial arts, and unorthodox training methods to create focused direction and expression for creative movement and to maximize physical performance.

Our Vision

To educate and empower each individual to consciously create and experience the world he would choose to live in, and to be emotionally interactive in the world that he would choose to consciously create from within.

Our Goal

To provide simple and functional tools that an individual can use in his daily life to consciously create and emotionally experience the world he would choose to live in from moment to moment.

Our Mission

A person’s life is a singular journey manifested through interactive creative movement. The efficiency and power generated within any movement pattern is based on how aligned and focused the person is spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally as the movement is being creatively expressed and embodied. These four holistic components move as one to create a person’s life journey. Natural Movement Centre fosters the proper (natural) alignment and integration of these four holistic components to enable an individual to follow his own unique creative story and fulfill his greatest dreams, in his own timing, and by his own design.

Our Journey

These self-created interactive physical experiences, which are emotionally charged in time and space and mentally recorded and remembered as they actually occurred, without judgment or comparison, serve as functional stepping-stones along his life journey for developing his own consciousness. These time and space anchored stepping-stones show him where he has come from (in the past), where he is (at present), and where he is going (in the future).

By creating and following this simple but powerful Blueprint, and by relating it to the broader human experience, Natural Movement Centre provides simple and functional tools that the Body:Human can use in order to better understand who he is and how he creates his own reality from moment to moment during his entire life journey. Through each Body:Human’s own self-created and self-expressed experiential internal journey, he creates the world he would choose to live in, and develops his own consciousness from his own experience - not from someone else’s thinking about what life is all about.

The Web Site: Toolbox and Tools

This web site acts as a toolbox. The tools provided on this web site serve as a Blueprint for the Body:Human to use in order to better understand how the natural development of the Body:Human occurs. The web site provides the Body:Human with insights as to who he is, where he came from, and what he is doing here. The web site provides simple and functional tools for the Body:Human to use in order to create the world he would choose to create for himself to live in from moment to moment. This web site provides the tools for the Body:Human, shows him how to use them, but does not tell him what to build with them.