Who is Blaise Eagleheart

Blaise has always ‘walked his own creative path’, passionately aware of how the creative consciousness, body, emotions and mind are functionally integrated and how they operate individually and collectively. He has openly shared his awareness with others in order to make the world a better place.

Blaise has always been a warrior, consciously confronting the illusionary beliefs presented to him by others over his lifetime in order to find his own experiential truths. He physically trained fanatically throughout his twenties, continuously challenging his self-imposed beliefs in order to find the endless possibilities of his creative movements through his unorthodox training methods.

As an Integrated Movement Specialist, Blaise assists individuals to functionally integrate their creative, physical, emotional and mental components in order to maximize their creative potential in daily life and help them create the world they would choose to live in. As a Medical Exercise Specialist, he helps people restore balance and function after illness or injury. As a Personal Trainer, he assists high performance athletes and anyone else who wishes to improve the quality and efficiency of their physical movements.

Blaise played Island and BC Representative Rugby at the junior and senior level. He coached at the junior and senior club level, and Vancouver Island Junior and British Columbia Junior Representative Level. Blaise went on to immerse himself in the martial art of Chien Lung, as well as in the healing arts and other energy-based disciplines that originated in the Far East. He excelled as a student and as an instructor, eventually opening a dojo with his teacher, where he taught biomechanics of movement and life skills, as well as martial art classes for children and adults. Blaise continues to incorporate the martial art philosophy and movements in his present day position through Natural Movement Centre.

Currently, Blaise is an avid road cyclist, enjoys power-hiking/running in natural settings, and high intensity, short duration, whole body training sessions in the gym and in natural surroundings.