Whole Person Paradigm

The Essential Questions in the Whole Person Paradigm

Who am I?
I am the physical embodiment of Life Consciousness, inclusive of all life. I am the neutral, all-inclusive Body:Human. I am the developing Body:Human Consciousness, that has an open doorway to the limitless, all-inclusive Life Consciousness creative energies.

Where did I come from?
I creatively exist and I am sustained within the all-inclusive Life Consciousness Blue Arc Portal of creative energies. The creative energy Portal is where all forms are connected to, and separated from, each other. This Portal is opened at conception and remains open throughout my life journey. This Portal of creative energies can only be accessed from within me by how I use my thoughts. Asking the right questions, and following my own self-created story, assures that I will consciously arrive at where I have always been.

What am I doing here?
I am here to consciously awaken to my connectedness to, and separation from, all other life forms that creatively exist within the all-inclusive Earth Cell, and to use my Body:Human DNA Consciousness-driven and experientially-based insights to make the world a better place for the evolving CHILD (Creative Human Infinitely Living Divinely from within) before I leave.

How will I do this?
I have created an easy to follow Blueprint for the Body:Human, using four creative Bodies as tools for developing my own consciousness and for aligning myself to the overall Life Consciousness that created and sustains my formless form while I am moving along my life journey.