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Whole Person Paradigm

The Three Identity Reference Points of the Body:Human
as Created by Life Consciousness’ Natural Design and Order

The Body:Human DNA Consciousness identity reference point created and sustained by Life Consciousness at conception. This identity reference point is creatively manifested by the Conscious Physical Body from birth, onward. It is created through the ongoing emotionally charged interactive physical experiences that are expressed and recorded through the Interactive Emotional Body and processed and organized by the DNA Consciousness created and sustained translator within the Experiential Mental Body. The identity reference point that is given to the Body:Human at birth so it is identifiable and recognizable to those beyond its form in time and space. This identity reference point keeps the developing Body:Human connected to, and creatively participating in, the world beyond itself in time and space.


The Three Interchangeable Places from which the Body:Human CHILD Moves

(-) to (+) Hard-wired Experiential Metal Body: Neutral Conscious Physical Body: (+) to (-) Hard-wired Interactive Emotional Body within the Conscious Physical Body:
I am totally disconnected from time and space and am isolated in my thinking or my thoughts so I can design and develop my own unique consciousness by using my DNA Consciousness sustained translator. I am on the neutral line of the outer edge of my Conscious Physical Body, having no thoughts or thinking occurring within me, and I am aware of all creative movement that appears to exist beyond me in time and space. I am interacting in time and space with another life form or thing where I am always only 1 of 2 components co-creating a physical experience. The Interactive Emotional Body is given creative expression in time and space through the 5(+) and 5(-) physical senses of the Conscious Physical Body.