About Our Symbols

The evolution and understanding of the information underlying the symbols in this web site has taken over 28 years for Blaise to comprehend. They acted as tools and stepping-stones for Blaise to provide himself with a directional focus to create a pathway through his own developmental life journey using his own creative consciousness.

His creative consciousness sketched out the symbol of the eight-pointed star, which was turned on its side and enclosed in a square, thereby connecting the eight points. Blaise then created triangles by connecting the outer points together through the four corner-to-corner long lines and four middle-to-middle short lines. The equilateral triangle in the center with the dot in the middle represents the spontaneously created point where the physical, emotional, and mental bodies are aligned and integrated into one.

When this conscious integration occurs, the connection to ever-present creative Life Consciousness is activated within the Body:Human, and the creative Blue Arc Portal becomes fully functional, bringing forth the desired developmental consciousness.

The evolution of the symbols:


Male Aspect:

The first component of the original symbol was shown to Blaise as the Male Aspect of the human body. It was painted the same dark blue color (shown at left) onto a light blue piece of glass, 8” X 8”. It originally represented the world beyond the functioning physical body.
Female Aspect:

The second component of the original symbol was shown to Blaise as the Female Aspect of the human body. It was created when the light piece of glass was ‘creatively’ colored opposite to the first component by the person doing the art work. The symbol represented the world within the functioning physical body.

Wholeness Aspect:

The third component of the original symbol was shown to Blaise as the Wholeness Aspect of the human body when he laid the two components of the original symbol on top of each other. That was when the outline of the symbol structure was presented. Looking at it in reverse order, the Wholeness symbol created the opportunity for the Female/Male Aspects to be creatively expressed.


Natural Movement Logo:

By taking the Wholeness Aspect symbol outline and using the original Female/Male Aspect color coding as representing each individual creation of the human body, Blaise conceived the logo for Natural Movement Centre.

Using the logo as a mandala and a guide Blaise consciously retraced his life journey back to the time before his DNA Consciousness was creatively ordained by Life Consciousness within the Blue Arc Portal.

In making this conscious internal journey within himself over a twenty-eight year period, using only his creative consciousness as his guide, the Body:Human construct was creatively shown to him through writings and drawings.