Optimum performance: Created and maintained by the alignment and integration of 3 components:

Physical Body

Provides the opportunity to bring about an interactive physical experience using 'thought' as a tool.

Emotional Body

Creates and records the unfolding interactive physical experience through the five senses.

Mental Body

Plays back the actual interactive physical experience without judgment or comparison.

Welcome to the information website on Human Development and performance as expressed & experienced through the C.H.I.L.D.


Creative Human Infinitely Living Divinely through conscious physical experience, awakening a true sense of integration through a journey of self-awareness and self-development.

The Body:Human story begins when the sperm and egg are fused by Life Consciousness to create conception... providing a functional "Blueprint" to use as a guide through Life's journey.

The Body:Human Story Begins

Creativity allows for all possibilities of creative movement. The 'creative energy' of Life is always accessible from within and expressed through oneself using 'thought' as a tool to create a focus and direction for that movement.

I am the physical embodiment of Life Consciousness. I am here to bring myself into creative form.