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Whole Person Paradigm

The Interactive Emotional Body



Who Am I?

I am the Interactive Emotional Body that is creatively expressed in time and space through the Conscious Physical Body’s 5(+) and 5(-) physical senses.




Where did I come from?

Life Consciousness gives creative expression to the Body:Human, which gives creative expression to the Conscious Physical Body, which gives creative expression to the Interactive Emotional Body through the 5(+) and 5(-) physical senses that are fully activated through the birth process.

What am I doing here?

I am here to co-create my own unique emotionally charged interactive physical experiences in time and space. I will always only be 1 of 2 physical components that create the time and space for a one-dimensional interactive physical experience to occur. The 5(+) physical senses are used to create the interactive experience with the life form or thing in time and space. The 5(-) physical senses are used to record the interactive experience, as well as any affects coming from it, as it naturally occurs in time and space with the other life form or thing.   

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