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Whole Person Paradigm

The Conscious Physical Body


Conscious Physical Body Mandala



   Conscious Physical Body

The outer edge formless line both separates and connects the neutral Conscious Physical Body to the interactive world beyond itself within time and space.

grey head

I am the Life Consciousness ordained and sustained neutral Body:Human DNA Consciousness, either female or male.

I am the neutral Body:Human DNA Consciousness female or male.

I am Physical Body I see and feel when I look in the mirror with no clothes on. Beyond the outer edge line of my ever-changing and evolving creative formless form there is an electrical energy field that is naturally hard-wired (+) to (-).  My internal self-developing DNA Consciousness electrical energy field is naturally hard-wired (-) to (+).


Who Am I?

I am the Conscious Physical Body that is given creative expression within and through the physical embodiment of Life Consciousness - the Body:Human.

Where did I come from?

My life journey began when Life Consciousness fused the (-) egg and (+) sperm in the Blue Arc portal at conception to form the electrically charged Body:Human DNA Consciousness, that is either female or male.

What am I doing here?

I am here to create my own emotionally charged interactive physical experiences so I can bring myself into form and develop my own unique consciousness. My developing creative consciousness is ordained and supported by the Body:Human DNA Consciousness that is ordained and sustained at conception by Life Consciousness.  I am here to emotionally awaken to the fact that within and through my Conscious Physical Body’s internal components and brain, I consciously create all movement, all thought, all thinking, and all reality in order to manifest my own creative consciousness during my life journey.


Practical Application of this Paradigm

As an example, I am entering a rowing event and I have a series of qualifying rounds to move through before I reach the finals. I have entered three different events. I position myself in the boat and row out to an area near the starting line. Once there, I still the boat, close my eyes. Tapping my chest lightly and observing that I am the Conscious Physical Body, I quietly ask through my outer voice:

  1. What time is it?   The time is now.
    This ‘thoughtful’ question/answer creates awareness and engagement of my hard-wired (-) to (+) Mental Body. It also quiets my distractive thinking and focuses my thoughts in order to create the direction I choose to move in through the neutral Physical Body. This also creates an intention for my energy requirements, in that it takes me from being like a diffused light bulb in my thinking and focuses me into a laser beam in my creative thought in order to complete the task at hand.
  2. Where am I?   I am right here, present.
    This thoughtful question/answer aligns the hard-wired  (-) to (+) Mental Body to the neutral all-inclusive Physical Body.
  3. What am I doing?   I am sitting in the boat.
    This thoughtful question/answer integrates the directional (-) to (+) hard-wired Mental Body and neutral Physical Body and creates the opportunity for unleashing the limitless creative energy through the hard-wired (+) to (-) unfolding physical experience.
  4. What am I going to do?   I am going to move the boat through the water as fast as I am able.
    This thoughtful question/answer aligns and integrates the directional (-) to (+) Mental Body and neutral Physical Body to the emotionally charged Interactive Emotional Body, and allows for the opening to the limitless Life Consciousness Creative Energies through the hard-wired (+) to (-) interactive physical experience in time and space.

There is now a focused alignment and integration of the Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies, and access to the limitless Life Consciousness Creative Energies. As long as the three Bodies are aligned and integrated, the powerful Creative Energies can be channeled through the Conscious Physical Body to create and embody the desired interactive physical experience in time and space.

A three-point internal system has been initiated and functionally set in place within the Body:Human DNA Consciousness to maintain the alignment and integration of the Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies. This three-point system maximizes the availability of the Life Consciousness Creative Energies.
A similar three-point system can also be used as an external tool, providing a physical alignment and integration when creating a desired interactive physical experience. In this rowing example, the external three-point system would look like this: The Conscious Physical Body would be 1st, the boat would be 2nd, and the water would be 3rd. The way the Conscious Physical Body aligns and integrates with the boat would allow the boat to align and integrate to the movement of the water. The alignment and integration of the three points would allow the Conscious Physical Body to move the boat through the water with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, for there would be no internal resistance.  

What is my focus when I am going to row?
My focus is on creating three points of reference in order to create and harness the energy needed to complete my desired task, which is to row from one end to the other as fast as I am able.

My focus is not on winning. If I focus on winning (the product of someone else’s thinking), my brain is actually anchored on losing because the two are connected and polarized. If I just move the boat and focus on the experience of moving the boat (using my own desired thought), the total Creative Energy available to me is fully accessible. If I focus on winning or losing, I am only open to 50% of the Creative Energy available at any time because of the polarization.

Thus, the focus must be on the three reference points. If I look from within me to the outside time and space structured interactive experience, it would see the Conscious Physical Body, the boat, and then the water. Knowing that alignment, I would then look from the outside time and space structured interactive experience to within me. As I consciously align to this, I see the water, the boat, and then the Conscious Physical Body. The water determines the interaction. The boat determines the opportunity. The Conscious Physical Body determines the direction by using a desired thought and the alignment and integration.
Winning the race is something that those outside me determine from who crosses the finish line and in what order. This limiting concept does not help me move the boat across the water. Only my past internally recorded experiences help me do this. Using the Mental Body that is activated through recorded emotionally charged interactive physical experiences, I am able to connect to 100% of the available Creative Energy to move the boat across the water.
Am I here to win the race? No. Am I here to create a drama (be tense, nervous, happily excited, or terrified)? No. I am only here to move the boat across the water as fast as I am able. That is ‘my story’. It is a neutrally charged task (no drama, no expected result). Sticking to my story frees me from outside influences and allows me to access 100% of the Life Consciousness Creative Energy available within me. How I create the story within my thought process determines how much Creative Energy I have available.

After I finish moving the boat through the water as fast as I am able, as I am sitting in the boat, aware of how exhausted I feel after creating a high intensity of Creative Energy, I consciously sit up straight, control my breathing, lightly tap my fingers on my chest, and quietly ask myself through my outer voice:

  1. Do I need this body anymore?   No.
    This thoughtful question/answer creates awareness to the Mental Body, where the ‘Body/Mind’ acknowledges the recorded one-dimensional interactive physical experience the Conscious Physical Body, the Interactive Emotional Body, and the Experiential Mental Body just completed using the Life Consciousness Creative Energies.
  2. Has this body served its purpose?   Yes.
    This thoughtful question/answer contains and limits the affects the recorded interactive physical experience might have on the Physical Body. The thoughtful question/answer also closes the doorway to the intensity of the Creative Energies and completes the experiential file regarding the whole experience. The Body/Mind stores the file in the developing consciousness – seemingly located in the frontal lobe of the physical brain matrix - for later viewing, without judgment or comparison and absent of illusionary emotion. The emotion would be illusionary because it wasn’t there when the experience was naturally unfolding in time and space.
  3. Am I free to create a new energized body?   Absolutely!
    This thoughtful question/answer releases the Conscious Physical Body from the cumulative effects of the recorded physical experience. The focused thoughtful question/answer keeps focused thought in control and stops the polarized thinking process from grabbing on to the experience and judging and comparing what happened, what didn’t happen, who did what, and speculation why the result turned out the way it did; and so on.

The developing consciousness within the (Body:Human DNA Consciousness) Conscious Physical Body  would once again bring awareness to the Experiential Mental Body, and  then align and integrate the Experiential Mental Body and Conscious Physical Body so that the Interactive Emotional Body would  be activated in time and space to co-create an interactive physical experience. Through the developing consciousness the Interactive Emotional Body would also be aligned to, and integrated with, the Conscious Physical Body and Experiential Mental Body, thereby opening the doorway to the Life Consciousness Creative Energies.


Creating and following my own story

your own story

  1. Self-talk about it: My developing consciousness creates the letters and spaces to arrange the words that focus the thought for a direction to move in. My own voice inspires me to create the interactive physical world I choose to live in, through me and within me.  Inspiration.
  2. Create it: My Mental Body is aligned to, and integrated with, my Conscious Physical Body, and I am ready to let my developing consciousness create the necessary movements to complete the creative task at hand. My Physical Body’s movements are in harmony with, and being guided by, my Mental Body’s thoughtful direction for movement. Opportunity.
  3. Become it: Through the integration of my thought-focused Mental Body within my Conscious Physical Body, alignment and integration to my Emotional Body can be initiated so I can create an emotionally charged interactive physical experience in time and space through my Physical Body’s 5(+) and 5(-) senses. The total experience is created, expressed, recorded, and filed away as it is naturally unfolding. The completed one-dimensional physical experience becomes the tool I use to develop my creative consciousness. I will refer back to the experience at a later time and relive it with my Body/Mind. Experience.